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Uncomfortably Hilarious: “ Says Everything You Want to Say to

Tommy Emmanuel & Igor Presnyakov

Acoustic guitar duo

Tim Minchin had the solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict all along?… yes he did…

When you make a commitment, you build hope. When you keep it, you build trust.

if you love music and love team work, you gotta watch this (and it just gets better as it plays out…)

15 Secret Or Easy to Miss Things in New York City

And here’s another one where music and nature combine…

A Man Took This Photograph Of Birds, And Turned Their Positions Into Musical Notes

Music and math: The genius of Beethoven 

This stuff always fascinates me. I really do believe you can “see” music. Some people see the equations, some people intuit them. But whatever let’s creativity burst from some as science, manifests itself in others as music, and more. Our brain’s capacity to intuit and to create is awesome!

Evolution Of The Desk

"Evolution of the Desk" is an initiative borne out of the Harvard Innovation Lab. The goal is to illustrate the impact that technology has had on our lives over the last 35 years. A cluttered desk, complete with a rolodex, a file cabinet, and a fax machine, transforms into a much cleaner, simpler surface consisting of only a laptop and a mobile phone. Of course, some things in life - like the sun - are everlasting, so the shades persist throughout the years.

Michael Harari, Israeli Agent Likened to James Bond, Dies at 87

But much of his career remains shrouded in secrecy…